WE Connect Policies, Terms, and Responsibilities:

 Chapter policies, terms, & responsibilities:

  • Before Joining a WE Connect chapter, you must contact the chapter director to schedule a visit or be invited by a chapter member. Note, if the seat is filled, you will inform prior to your visit.
  • Please note that you are allow three chapter visits until you make your decision to join us upon acceptance made by the chapter officers. Once you have join and paid the membership fee, it is nonrefundable.
  • Once you are a member of a WE Connect chapter, you are responsible to understand the rules and regulations given to you by the chapter officers.
  • Quarterly fees maybe collected by each chapter based on need (i.e: chapter office events, meeting location fee, etc.). These fees are specific to each chapter and may vary from chapter to chapter but are unrelated to WE Connect Corporate.
  • Chapter President will be interviewed by WE Connect Officers before any Chapter can be approved.
  • Each Chapter Officers will be determined by the Chapter President.
  • New chapter members are interviewed and voted by the officers.
  • Chapter President is responsible to correspond with WE Connect and relay corporate information back to his/her responsible chapter
  • Chapter President will rotate his/her position every year (or through self-resignation). Each year enrollment, the Chapter officers can vote for a new Chapter President or vote to keep the existing Chapter President.
  • Chapter members are interview and vote annually by the chapter officers.
  • Each Chapter location requires a minimum of 8 members, unless approve by WE Connect Corporate, to organize a chapter in any location.


 WE Connect Corporate Responsibilities:

  •  Provide support, marketing and published materials for all chapters
  • Responsible for connecting all Chapter Presidents with WE Connect Corporate office with latest news and corporate information
  • All Chapter members can publish their profiles to advertise themselves and their business in the WE Connect website
  • Provide an opportunity for a personal training with the Corporate Team to become a voluntary WE Connect spokesperson. This opportunity is given to the Chapter President only.
  • Responsible for collecting all membership fees from each Chapter’s President
  • Assist Chapter President with any personnel concerns/issues, if necessary
  • WE Connect will not be responsible for providing a Chapter’s meeting space. However, WE Connect can be of assistance to locate an appropriate meeting space
  • WE Connect is not responsible for any liabilities and/or loss caused by each chapter’s members in/outside of WE Connect Chapter meeting location
  • Ensure there is no conflict in business fields within each Chapter
  • WE Connect Corporate has the authority to step in to resolve Chapter concerns/issues that cannot be otherwise resolved within the Chapter itself. This may include interfering the assignment of Chapter President.


  • Chapter: Minimum group of 8 or more members organized by a single Chapter President  and voted Chapter Officers
  • Chapter President: creator/organizer of a Chapter within a certain location
  • Voted Chapter Officers: officers voted by Chapter Members to assist the Chapter President
  • Chapter members: members who represents his/her career and/or business field. these members are officially members of WE Connect with an approved application
  • Chapter Officers: includes Chapter President and any elected responsibilities to help organize and run each Chapter-- ie: Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary.
  • Excused Absences: any missed attendance by a member with permission/acknowledgement from Chapter President/Chapter Officers and the absentee will provide a substitution to represent his/her business
  • Unexcused absences: any missed attendance by a member without notification/acknowledgement from Chapter President/Chapter Officers.
  • Substitution: someone who replaces a Chapter member with an excused absent. The substitution can be a guest, another chapter member, someone from his/her office or someone representing the same field. This substitution is chosen by the absentee.