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Rhonda Waters



Rhonda F. Waters, MEd, Ph.D., CH, CEO Dr. Waters received her Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development from The Union Institute, Cincinnati, OH. Prior to that she earned a Master of Education degree from Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA


Dr. Waters has extensive academic credentials and life experience in organizational development, including Project Management. She has worked with small organizations and Fortune 100 companies. She is also Founder and President of The Mutare Group, a full service agency offering business consultation, education, skill development, coaching, and problem solving in all areas of organizational development through coaching, seminars, and professional speaking. Dr. Waters has developed many on-site and field training programs in the areas of team building, technical training, customer service, personal development, and process improvements. She has studied adult learning methods in depth and has provided meaningful and productive presentations to varied audiences and learning styles. Her doctoral research included creating and implementing a successful collaborative learning program that increased job satisfaction, lowered turnover, decreased defects, and doubled productivity at a major telecommunications company.


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