Rules and Regulations

  1. You are expected to attend every meeting. If you cannot make to a meeting, please show courtesy to email the team officers a day in advance or at your earliest convenience.
  2. In the event of an absence from a WE Connect Chapter meeting, you should have a substitute in your place . Substitutes can be someone in the same line of business, a guest or a member of the Chapter.
  3. "Do onto others what you would want done for you." Accountability is given to each member to be truthful, professional and ethical. You must provide the utmost ethical service to a potential referral. Referrals given to and receive from you to another member should follow the same professional and ethical standards.
  4. WE Connect require that you maintain an open, honest and positive atmosphere to all members. You will be ask to be supportive and contributory, when appropriate, so as to personally and financially grow and expand the group. Your success is a representation of your chapter success.
  5. Please silent your phone to show respect and courtesy of your group. If you really have to take a call, please step outside of the room.
  6. There is no refund for any reasons unless you have written a check that was over funded.
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Application cannot be completed prior to visiting a chapter and have been approve to become a member of the chapter you visited.


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