Why WE Connect

As a member with WE Connect, you will be connecting and building relationship with other business professionals who have the same goals and mindset as you. We understand from first-hand experience that as an entrepreneur, networking business activities is not only essential but a key ingredient to create trust and build ones business. As an entrepreneur, the price to success is unimaginable, but as long as you continue to take action to fuel your passion in your business this will continue to sustain your drive and ambition. This will only bring that much closer to achieving your goals, if not more.  The next step for you is to decide why should you join us-WE Connect?

Let's think about what you want as entrepreneur and imagine achieving your goals by yourself?  Where would you see yourself in the next five years if you walk this road on your own, as a lone ranger? We listen and heard the stories of trying to achieve our goals on our own; it takes a lot of mental focus, thick skin, strategic planning and lots of startup money! WE Connect can at least help with some of these frustrations through peers that are going through the same process. At least at WE Connect, you know you are not doing it alone. Your peers can share their success stories, tips and hints on the Do's and Don'ts when running a business.

As long as YOUR HEART IS OPEN and our imaginations are big enough, as a team, we can are driven to work with one another so that your journey can be a smoother ride and your dream can be achieve quicker.

  1. Referral system: Growing your business through good referrals is the number one inventory for any business to grow and make money.  But not everyone has a referral system. With WE Connect, you will gain the opportunity to build a referral system that will continually help you connect with qualified referrals.
Nowadays prospects are bombarded with too many promising advertisement and experiencing bad services from untrustworthy salesman.  They would just rather hear about a business service from relatives, friends, business associates, and other acquaintances whom have had experiences with the services/products than from any advertisement or sales pitch.  
  1. Connections: You will meet another professional that may be a match to your business needs or be given a referral  based on the type of service you provide. When receiving a business referral from a WE Connect associates, it is not just a one-way street. It's about recieving a referral, give a referral, earn a referral and the cycles continues. To strengthen your relationship with peers, share your group's products and services within your circle of influence and to whom you feel is in need for a service you and/or your WE Connect peers can provide.  Continue to build this type of business relationship as it will help to fuel growth and sales in your business.
  1. Trust: Because this type of networking is not a one way street, trust is essential between you and your networking business associates. At WE Connnect, your business will grow to as far as you want to help others to grow. Having honesty and integrity speaks highly of who you are. Continue to ensure that your service is always in the essence of serving to help others as you would want for yourself. When you receive referrals from your WE Connect peers, it is because others have shared your business to someone else. In return, it is essential that for you to do the same for them as you would want for yourself.
  1. Share knowledge:  Becoming an entrepreneur is surely is not always an easy task, as you are always on the run and thinking of the next business strategy to build your business.  However, being in a business networking group, like WE Connect, allows you to be in contact with other entrepreneurs who share the same goals and aspirations as you do. Here,  you can share personal knowledge and ways to help each other grow each other business. When this happens, your thinking broadens to another level. You will learn from others who have already walked in your shoes or is going through the same process.  Which ever the situation, the group can certainly help you to avoid some of the pitfalls experienced in their own business.
  1. Opportunities:  Nothing is greater than opportunities itself. Through networking, you surely will be met with many possibilities, allowing you to be open to new partnership, receiving referrals from a sphere of influence that you would have never reached,  gain employment in the careers of your dreams, increase your business portfolios, raising your business profiles, and much more.
  1. Confidence and Power:  Building a team of connections through WE Connect will help you gain confidence and self-power due to the new sphere of influence gained.  Business entrepreneurs are attracted to those who are confident, positive and motivated. The more your confidence increase, the more positive your attitude, the more your business grows as a direct result of these characteristics. The number of referrals received and trust from your WE Connect peers are also a direct influence of these characteristics.
  1. Online Exposures: As long as you are WE Connect member, you have access to create a business profile on our website.  This allows business owners to expose and promote your business and increase online traffic to your WE Connect profile and network with other WE Connect members. Having your profile posted online will generate more revenue and acquire loyal fan followers.
  1. Presentation & Business Skills: As you become a member with WE Connect, you will learn to observe your business associates. We will help you to get out of your comfort zone! Remember, WE Connect members are there to support you and guide you to be the best that you can. This is a judgement free zone. Each member will have the opportunity to showcase their business product and services through 10 mins presentation, once a week.  While a member present their 10 mins presentation on week, you listen and learn until you are comfortable to do the same. Eventually, you can be a pro yourself, while building trust amongst peers and trust in the products and service you represent.
Join WE Connect! These are just some of the benefits you will experience. The opportunities are endless!  So decide to join us and find out. Will you do what it takes to be an entrepreneur-- not by yourself but with others?